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PureMatte™ is designed for interior applications exposed to wear making it ideal for benchtops and other high use areas.


PureMatte™ is the newest technology in laminate finishes designed to be used in both residential and commercial spaces. Easy to clean, resistant to scratching, impact, heat, and staining, PureMatte™ is the next generation of high use surfaces.

Featuring anti-fingerprint technology, PureMatte™ maintains a constant clean, flawless appearance and is ideal for areas that are exposed to high activity in interior and furniture applications.

Specially hardened using electronic beam curing (EBC), PureMatte™ has level 2 scratch resistance in accordance to EN 438-3. As PureMatte™ reaches the final stage of the manufacturing process, it is hit with electrons to create a unique hardened surface, making it suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications.



Available in 6 classic colours, PureMatte™ creates aesthetically pleasing interior surfaces that look and feel clean and modern.


Available with colour-matched ABS edging, PureMatte™ is able to come ready to install. Using carbide tipped tools, you can saw, rout, and drill PureMatte™.

Typical Uses:
Wall cladding, ceiling cladding, doors, staircases, kitchen furniture, bench tops and cabinets, bathroom furniture and cabinets, home furniture, retail furniture, hotel and restaurant furniture, laboratories, operating theatres, and in hospitals.

Technical Specifications:
+ Substrate compatibility: Plywood and MDF
+ MDF Sheet Sizes: 2440x1200mm, 2750x1200mm, 3000x1200mm
+ Plywood Sheet Sizes: Dependent on availability of product specified
+ Colour-matched ABS edge available in 23mm and 45mm
+ Surface finish: Gloss finish matte: 3E/60°
+ Scratch resistance: Level 2 >3 N
+ Abrasion resistance: >250 N
+ Resistance to boiling water: Level 5
+ Resistance to water steam: Level 5